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    Welcome to Shenzhen Jingzhi Lighting Ltd. company


    Shenzhen Jingzhi Lighting Ltd. company

    Shenzhen Jingzhi Lighting Co., Ltd. was registered in 2018/3 months with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company formerly known as the outdoor business department of LED industry leader Shenzhen Qiang Lunming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., with the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” initiative. With the support of the national policy, the outdoor LED lighting business at home and abroad has continued to rise in recent years. Shenzhen Strong Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd. has catered to the pace of social development and has brought new and old customers a more complete service experience, specializing in the outdoor business division. The company has independently established a subsidiary that focuses on the development, production, and sales of outdoor lighting fixtures. The products are divided into landscape lighting, municipal engineering, UFO three series of lamps, including point light source, line light, wall wash light, pan (cast) light, street light and UFO High bay series, 
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    National high-tech companies, we have more than just technology, we also have quality and service!

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